Bill C-7 pressures Canadians with disabilities into taking euthanasia rather than providing quality care. Sign up below to help repeal C-7.

Canadians who live with disabilities deserve access to the highest quality care and support. Currently, these Canadians are twice as likely to live in poverty. The recent increases in cost of living are severely impacting many Canadians who live with disabilities.

Disturbing reports have emerged about Canadians with disabilities being pushed to pursue euthanasia rather than being given the care and support that they deserve. Alan Nichols and Donna Duncan are two cases where families suspect that they were coerced into taking "MAiD": medical assistance in dying, or euthanasia.

This comes after the passage of Bill C-7, which removes key safeguards from Canada’s euthanasia regime. Canada's leading disability advocacy organizations were nearly unanimously opposed to C-7.[1][2] Euthanasia cannot be a truly free choice if those who suffer lack access to the support they need. Bill C-7's recklessness leaves vulnerable Canadians at risk.

The government must repeal Bill C-7 so that Canadians who live with disabilities are not pressured into accepting euthanasia for lack of adequate support.

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