The Canadian government must stop imposing new taxes that increase the cost of food, heating, and fuel for Canadians. If you agree, sign up now below. 

Life continues to become more expensive for Canadians as inflation and reckless government spending bite into people’s paycheques and savings. Canadians are struggling to put food on the table, pay for gas and keep up with rent. We have seen millions of dollars of bonuses and increases given to Bank of Canada employees, even as inflation continues to rise. To fund their spending, the Liberals continue to increase and add taxes; this will continue the increase in price of fuel, groceries, and other essentials.

On January 1st, payroll taxes will increase, forcing you to pay more tax on CPP and EI - which will cost workers more money from their paycheques. Under the Liberals, payroll taxes have gone up more than $600. Workers shouldn’t lose any more of their wages, especially as housing and other essentials continue to drive up the cost of living. On April 1st, the Carbon Tax will increase by another 3.2 cents per litre, forcing you to pay even more for gas and groceries. Canadians need paycheques, not more debt and taxes.

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