Canadians should not be discriminated against for their political beliefs or activity.

Canadians should not be discriminated against for their political beliefs or activity. However, within federal jurisdiction, political belief is not a protected category against discrimination. This leaves Canadian workers and other individuals vulnerable to punishment or reprisal simply because of their political beliefs. That is why MP Genuis is tabling a private member’s bill to add Political Belief and Activity as a protected category in the Canadian Human Rights Act. You can find Bill C-257 here.

Nine of Canada’s thirteen provinces and territories already have some version of this provision in their human rights acts. This Bill would force the federal government to uphold the same standard.

This Bill would expand workers rights and prevent powerful private corporations from using their authority to apply political discrimination against their employees, as a tool for controlling and shaping democratic discourse.   

The ability to think and act on your beliefs is fundamental to being human and is a necessary requirement of a healthy democracy. A democracy where individuals are coerced into taking political positions by governments or powerful corporations cannot truly be said to have “rule by the people”. This Bill will expand Human Rights and strengthen our democracy.

The Liberals’ selective use of the Emergencies Act to target some protestors and not others, when the situation could have been handled with ordinary police powers, demonstrates the need for stronger protections against political discrimination. The Canadian Justice Minister even openly stated that the political cause someone supports was a factor informing whether an individual’s bank account would be frozen. Canadians should be equal before the law, regardless of political belief.

The Canadian Human Rights Act rightly recognizes prohibited grounds of discrimination against Canadians. It’s time to add political belief and activity to that list. By signing this petition you can show your support for the legislation.

Therefore, we the residents and citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to:

  1. Support Bill C-257 which bans discrimination on the basis of political belief or activity
  2. Defend the rights of Canadians to peacefully express their political opinions

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