Member Of Parliament for Sherwood Park—Fort Saskatchewan
March 08, 2016

Opposition Motion (CPC) Canadian Economy and Aerospace Industry - Part 1

So, instead of simulating the economy by identifying opportunities in the private sector by working with the private sector to facilitate investment from other places, they just want the government to spend more money.

Our approach on this side of the House is different. Recognizing a multiplicity of tools in the toolbox for stimulating and strengthening the economy is necessary but generally speaking, public expenditure should be a last resort. If we can stimulate the economy without having significant injections of taxpayer dollars that is obviously preferable, because any major government spending does cost taxpayers.

   I want to talk a bit about the issue in the context of local control, who is involved in making decisions with respect to the airport. There is a tripartite agreement in place which gives the federal government theoretical authority to make decisions about this airport, but because this is about a development decision, a decision about what happens inside Toronto, we see this as something that the people of Toronto should ultimately make the fundamental decision about. Even though we encourage development, we want to see local control in the context of this.

   Proceeding with development projects can always be difficult, whether we are talking about building a building, expanding an airport, or doing natural resource development. It can be difficult enough without having the involvement of many different levels of government where everybody feels like they have to be on side before something can move forward. Let us let the people most directly involved, most directly impacted, have the biggest role in this. The City of Toronto has put a lot of money into studying this. It has effectively been limited now in its ability to proceed because of the Liberal government's desire to interfere, which technically and legally does have the authority to do but most properly should be decided by the people of Toronto.

   These are really the central points here, the central points that the government is missing. When the government is stimulating the economy, it is not all about putting a whole bunch of money into the economy if there are opportunities instead to leverage private sector investment. This is something that has huge economic benefits for Ontario and for Quebec. There is an opportunity to leverage the involvement of the private sector and that is a better way to go, a better way to stimulate the economy, than the alternative, which is simply the government putting a bunch of money into things.

   Then there is also the issue of local control. The challenges with development are enough that we do not need everybody trying to control the process. We should leave the process as much as possible to the people of Toronto, to the people directly affected, and to their representatives in the City of Toronto. On that basis, understanding the proper place of economic stimulus and also the need for local control.

This is an important motion and I look forward to voting in favour of it.

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