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Quarantine issues

Why is it that late snowbirds coming across the border without a quarantine plan r put up in hotels at the govt expense. These arrogant individuals had more than a month to get home from the U.S. and decided not to. Let them cough up the cash themselves. Also, is there any thought being given to shortening the maximum stay abroad to maybe. 3 months. These roughly 2 million people bleed our country dry while throwing all those dollars at Uncle. Trump.

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Improvements needed on Seniors Pensions Benefits

Hello Mr. Genuis With Seniors making up about 50% of the population, why aren't the Conservatives making Political points by having a Policy of Improving Seniors Standard of Living, by improving Pensions and Health Issues? We are now living in poverty!! The liberals on the last elections promised to improve things for us, and to date of done nothing except let inflation make our problems worse.... Are the Progressive Conservatives going to go down the same path?

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Regarding climate change

The Liberal plan places a tax on carbon then returns the money to the tax payer, so what is the incentive to reduce carbon. Why not do something that really makes people want to reduce carbon by giving them an incentive to do so. How about when you are buying a new vehicle there is a comparison between the vehicle you are trading in and the new vehicle. If the new vehicle is say 20 percent more efficient in reducing carbon, then you would be able to claim a 20 percent depreciation on you income tax the same way a business can for a business investment. If you buy an electric vehicle which has zero emissions then you could depreciate the whole amount say over five years at 20 percent per year. This could lead to real carbon reduction. There could be similar opportunities for business and larger emitters as well.

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Captain Kim Fawcett

do something

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Select best Movers and packers in your state

Trusting someone at the present scenario is a matter of great risk. You cannot take any risk when you are shifting to other state with your family and all the household things. You cannot carry all the stuff with you in your own vehicles you need to hire a packing company which can transport your stuff to your new location without any harm and damage.

packers and movers in Delhi

People usually worry about their things made up of glass. It’s the duty of the company to handle everything with care especially the things made up of glass. If you are travelling at a place where the roads are broken so make sure you once tell the packers to check the ways and always try to follow the path which is hassle free. It is not always true that the companies who charge you higher amount are always giving the best services rather one can be cheated easily by falling in the prey of wrong company by charging you higher amount.

Don't fall for low price Never try to go for low price hiring. Always check their services what they are offering you. Try not to go for very high price hiring also as sometimes the firms charging you too much price but in return they are poor at providing the services to its clients. Always enquire from different sources as it’s a matter of great amount for your households.

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Always ask for referrals from friends Before going for any final decision tries to look for the referrals from your kith and kin. The company should be trustable and this can only be done by knowing one from others. There is a rush of companies in every market or state. So always prefer the one which have a good name in the market and the one which is trustworthy.

Are they licensed? Don’t forget to check whether the agency is licensed or not. Try to hire the one which is a licensed as it’s always recommend that go for work with registered and licensed company. You can only trust the one which are running a good business. Always look at different sites about their reviews so you will come to know about their services whether they are on time or not.

Moving security Organizations have their distinctive move administrations which incorporates proficient pressing or wrapping of all things. Cover cushions, plastic compartments and other reusable materials would be utilized to monitor the financial plan and to keep away from squander materials.

Many firms even offer with pressing materials implied for universal moves for ensuring your important and delicate things. Continuously ask these things to the firms before you settle one for finishing your prerequisites. Each organization has diverse sorts of article stickers specifying the things stuffed inside the crates, containers and delicate things.

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Free tv

Free tv

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Bill C-7

Bill C-7 has stalled in the House and both the Government and Treasury Board have offered nothing for a timeline in getting this moving forward. MP Blaikie recently challenged the president of the Treasury Board on the issues of collective bargaining and overdue pay raises; however, Mr. Brison failed to properly answer the questions. As our MP, I would appreciate any positive pressure you could place on the Government on this issue. Thank you.

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Iqra Khalid - Private Members' Motions

to limit free speech is an assault on my right to free speech which is gaurenteed in the the charter. Will you be opposing this because freedom is difficult to achieve and can be lost so easily.

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Create a new park

You know what would make this lovely place even more lovely? A new park! Please consider it.

Official response from considering

This is something my administration is actively considering.

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