Liberals want to deny charitable status to charities that don’t share their ideology.

A charity should not have to agree with the Liberals in order to receive charitable tax-exempt status. However, the Liberal Party promised in its 2021 platform (pg. 4) to deny charitable status to organizations which provide information on abortion which they determine to be “dishonest”. The Liberals list Crisis Pregnancy Centres as an example, but this "values test" has the potential to impact charities of all kinds across the county.

Regardless of its activities, any charity that does not support abortion may be at risk of losing its charitable status. Many good organizations and charities would not be able to survive without this status, and this could mean that your local homeless shelter, church, or health centre would face serious financial hardship.

Thousands of Canadians receive vital help and support from non-profit organizations that do not share the view of the Liberal Party. These Canadians are at risk of losing out and falling through the cracks, all because the Liberals want to make charitable status dependent on politics.

We’ve seen something like this before. In 2017 the Liberal government issued a similar requirement for the Canada Summer Jobs program. Many worthy organizations could not hire summer students and even risked closure because they could not pass the Liberals’ “values test.” After thousands of Canadians voiced their disapproval, the requirement was walked back.

Canada is a country for everyone, and any Canadian who wants to lend a helping hand to someone in need should not be forced to pass a Liberal Party Values Test 2.0.

Help protect Canadian charities. Don’t let the Liberals use charitable status as a tool for ideological coercion.

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