Member Of Parliament for Sherwood Park—Fort Saskatchewan

Members’ Bills debated

Most of our time in Parliament is spent debating bills proposed by the government. However, we also spend an hour a day debating bills proposed by individual Members of Parliament (MPs), called Private Members’ Bills (PMBs), which can be on many d...

New carbon tax is a bad idea

The madness of the U.S. presidential election continues, with every passing day bringing out a new and previously unimagined low point. In the midst of the madness, though, it’s worth occasionally pausing and taking a look at the policy ideas that...

Garnett Genuis is Member of Parliament for the Alberta riding of Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan and Opposition Deputy Critic for Human Rights and Religious Freedoms.

Since his election in 2015, Garnett has developed a reputation as one of the most outspoken Members of Parliament. According to rankings developed by Maclean’s Magazine, he spoke over 100,000 words in the Chamber in his first year alone which is more than all three major party leaders combined. Speaking on foreign affairs in university classrooms in India, at rallies on Parliament Hill, and everywhere in between, Garnett has proven he is just as vocal outside the Chamber as inside.

Garnett grew up in Strathcona County and got involved in his community at a young age. He volunteered regularly with various organizations, including a local care centre, and began writing a column for the Sherwood Park News at 15 years old. During this time he also developed... Keep Reading